The lady in red

text and photos by Alfredo Salaccione


It had been several years that this pine was not restyled. Many branches were dying. It did need to come back to its beauty.

After the routine works, I start wiring. I try to put order in the foliage. In this way the light and air can reach every bud.

The work goes on. I decide to cut some little branches that are not necessary.

A little inclination brings the apex towards the centre and gives it more balance. Turning the front I have a larger nebari.

A fine work needs many hours of concentration.

The position of every bud is important for the final result.

The tree had not been repotted for many years, so it needs a new pot. I have two possible pots. It is not simple to make the right choice, but at last I prefer to use the red one. It is unusual, and it gives more light to the tree.

Very good! Roots are white and nice, and they smell of mushrooms.


Thework is over. The pine is in good harmony with the new red leather pot; A frame that breaks a rule, but that completes the painting.

When I look at "her", I see a lady wearing a nice red dress.



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