Spruce: bonsai from nursery

text and photos by Alfredo Salaccione


Sometimes, going around non-specialized nurseries, it's possible to find some good material.

This spruce, a Christmas tree, had a nice base and some movement on the first part of its trunk.

The first work was a drastic cutting and the complete change of old clay soil with a mixture of akadama and pumice stone.


After two seasons, the tree is very strong. It is ready for the second step.

A little shari helps me to dissimulate a large cut on a big root.

Jin and shari must be fired to stop resin and dissimulate the recent work.

Spruce's branches are very elastic, and so they need a long time to remain to their new position. It's better to let wire and guy wires for a long time on the primary branches.

I decide to cut the first branch on the right. In this way, the tree looks less heavy.



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