Italian Talent 2006!!

text by Alfredo Salaccione, photos by Olivier Barreau



This mugo pine was collected three years ago. It is very strong and in good health.



I really love to work on pines, so I decided to bring this tree with me to UBI congress in Alberobello.

I start with the preparatory work.

I always try to approach this part of the work with tranquillity and calm. In this way, I relax myself and I take intimacy with the tree.

For the carving work on pines, I prefer to use manual tools.


Burning jin and shari. In this way they look more natural and older.


Wiring. The first branch doesn't need to be bent, so I can use only thin wire.

The first branch is in position.


Using a guy wire to put a branch in position.

In this way, I can use thinner wire and stress the tree less.

Wiring the main branch. It will be bent towards the trunk using some guy wires.


A change of inclination exalts the trunk and the base of the mugo.

I decide to cut a branch that I don't need for the design.


The mental creation is coming true.

Here is the result of some hours of work. I won the Italian New Talent Contest 2006 and in this way I will represent Italy at the next European congress in Belgium.

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