Bonsai Slovakia 2008

text and photos by Alfredo Salaccione

photos 4, 6 e 10 by Vladimír Ondejcík


Every year Alena Ondejcíková and Vladimír Ondejcík organize an important international bonsai show in the city of Nitra.

I have chosen this sylvestris pine with an unusual form to work on during this demonstration.


The plant has one long branch. It will be necessary to bend and turn the branch to compact the foliage.

The branch was prepared some weeks beforehand. In this way, the wood's fiber becomes more soft and ductile.

Raffia on the main branch, with the comment of Alena…

...than rubber tape.
The stumps become jins.

Vladimir helps me to explain my project to the public.

Here the result of the demonstration.

Demonstrators coming from all around Europe.

From left: Pedro Morales, Alena Ondejcíková, Alfredo Salaccione and Vladimír Ondejcík.

Many thanks to Alena and Vladimir, who have invited me to participate in their beautiful manifestation.

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